What If You Give Life A Chance?

Does anyone have those moments where they just fall in love with being alive? And realize that life is actually wonderful? That this universe is stunningly beautiful? That maybe existing isn't bad after all? Like you're just sitting on your favorite spot in a coffee shop/fast food enjoying your favorite coffee or food. Or watch [...]



These past weeks has been so hard, rough, exhausting, and frustrating. I took a hundred steps backward to calm myself, to hide for a moment. I thought I was safe, but it's still there following me. The shivers, the sweat, the screams and the cries, NOT AGAIN. I was done with this war. Or maybe I [...]

I’m Clingy, So What?

It was the fifth time my college Psychology professor told us that there are two kinds of regrets, (1) regrets from things you have done and said, and (2) things you have not done and have not said. And always, always the latter hurts the most and will haunt you for the rest of your [...]


It was you It’s still you the person my mind keeps on screaming; the name I write at the back of my notebooks; the subject of my write-ups; the receiver of my love notes; the thought in my mind; the blood running through my veins; the air to every breath; the color to my world; [...]

burnt pages

i wonder why i always let people come into the story offer them some of the pages of the book letting them spill their selves always trying to array their lost letters for them to be a complete paragraph but always, always, at the end of every chapter they choose to burn the pages where they [...]