About Me

Concept: We are in a coffee shop enjoying our coffee and cake. And I will eagerly ask you about the state of your heart and how did God has revealed Himself to you for the past days. That’s how we’ll start everything.

I’m no writer, but I write for the glory of God. I’m a girl with a mind that travels every corner of the cosmos. I am Mary Jean, by the way. I’m a twenty-year-old breathing soul from Cebu. I love people and listening to their stories. I’m a story myself- and [sometimes] a story that comes to life, a storyteller. I admire everyone’s stories of bravery and frailty. I enjoy greatly people’s testimonies of how God pursues them and how He reveals His magic to His children. Storytelling about Him never fails to flutter my heart.

I enjoy solitude as much as I enjoy being with people. I have a huge appreciation for silence and small talks with people. Well, I believe everything starts from small, even the deep talks which I always crave.

I am a sucker for poetry, stories, photographs, and hugs. Skies, sunsets, moon, rain, ocean, forests, trees, grass, lightning, thunder, sunrises, misty dawns, I just love the natural beauty of nature, of how it makes you fall for life again and again, of how strong it makes you feel connected with the universe.

I’m in love with love and I will continue falling in love with it. I admire honest conversations. I’m pursuing a life filled with warmth, kindness, love, joy, forgiveness, laughter, and lots and lots of Jesus moments.

I’m a girl with big dreams. This world may not be a wish-granting factory, but I believe it’s still a world filled with surprises, miracles and extraordinary and life-changing moments of joy and love.

This blog was made to share with you how God has worked in me. And I hope and pray this blog will be able to fulfill its purpose. I pray that in some way you’ll be inspired. I pray for you, beautiful reader, may your life be filled with peace, warmth, and love. Continue to bloom in all aspects of your life, beautiful flower.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you’ll stay and read my stories about my different encounters with God’s artworks. His magic is always worth sharing.