I’m Drunk, I Love You (Review)

My I’m Drunk, I Love You feels have been long overdue, but I just can’t stop it.

My friends and I decided to watch I’m Drunk, I Love You on the last day of showing of the movie and it was so good, more than good. This movie just hits me right in the feels. I understand that there are some who can’t relate to it, but those who have experienced unrequited love and those who love to drink beer may actually love the style and the transition of the scenes in the movie. Everything is just so realistic.

It just portrays that love is not all about how long you have been with the person or how deep your friendship is, and sometimes love may occur (we thought) at the right time, but with the wrong person. Love makes you wait, not for a happy ending with the person you’re waiting, but with yourself.

It’s not your typical and cliche love story between boy-girl best friends. It has no dramatic lines, no absurd scenes, no melodramatic twist and turns, it’s all pure realistic storytelling of one-sided love with a best friend.

The aesthetics, the realistic scenes, the dialogues, the characters, the music, everything was just so perfect!

And here are some of the things I learned from the movie:

  1. Live at your own pace.

Dio has been struggling with his insecurities and frustrations on his ambitions. He compares himself to his classmates that have made a name for themselves, those who have earned various opportunities and acclaim in the film industry.

And in one way or another, at some point in our lives, we have been like Dio. We have compared ourselves to others who have achieved great things at their young age. We become frustrated to the point that we look down on ourselves already. We feel helpless, hopeless, and left behind. But we have to remember that life is not a race.  It’s okay to be competitive, but we must not lose ourselves in the competition we are in. We have to live our lives at our own pace and to persevere in reaching and achieving our goals and dreams. You’ll have your time, you’ll have your moment, late bloomer. 😉

  1. Time check

I love the wisdom behind Jason Ty’s “Time check-,” it simply reminds us that clock is ticking, time is running, some things must be said and done. It’s a reminder for us that we are here on Earth to live, and sometimes we can’t grow if we won’t let ourselves grow. It’s a reminder for us that time wasted can’t be recycled. You have to move, NOW!

  1. Say it and Let go

It takes a lot of courage to admit to the person you’re in love with him/her, but you’ll never be able to move forward without letting it out. It’s either you’ll get stuck in the situation and spend the rest of your life wondering how things would have to turn out or be free. And if you had the courage to tell him how you really feel, you also have to be brave in accepting his response because not every “I love you” is answered with “I love you, too,” sometimes you’ll get an “I’m sorry” in return.

The movie reminds us to take every chance and drop every fear – to be brave.  And this shows us that sometimes we have to take the chance for us to move forward and be free.

  1. There will always be a PatHy (yes with an H) in every story

Of course, there will always be a Pathy in a relationship, a past Pathy, a could have been Pathy, a Pathy that will suddenly appear, but a Pathy will never be a threat as long as the love between both of you is true, as long as there is trust, as long as you’re both honest with each other.

And sometimes a Pathy is not a rival, but a reminder why you’re better off friends with the person.

  1. We always have that Jason Ty in our lives

Jason Ty is Carson’s gay best friend, and like any other close friends we have, we always have that one person that’s been our rock in times when katangahan hits us. There will always be that Jason Ty who always tells you about your foolishness, but never leaves you hanging. The person who will support you always, but never fails to remind you when to stop.

And like Jason Ty, we all just want to be loved.

  1. You can be a Carson

We have been Carson in one way or another. We all have been in an unrequited love. We continue to hope and wish even if the answer to our questions is right in front of us. “Iba pa rin pala pag sinampal na sayo ang katotohanan.” It took her 7 years to confess her feelings. That long. But the moment she said “Ga-graduate na ako. Ga-graduate na ako sa lahat (sa feelings ko for Dio),” was a sign of empowerment (for me) to accept the things you can’t change. It was heartbreaking because it feels so real (been there), and we can’t help but weep with her.

7. You’re not a loser for loving someone who can’t love you back.

8. It takes a lot of courage to conquer our fears

We are scared. All of us. Of what we’ll do with our lives. The responsibilities entailed to us. What we will do after we graduate. Are we gonna be successful? Who knows. The burden on our shoulders is sometimes getting heavier that it scares the shit out all of us. But, as what I said in number 1, we should live at our own pace. We are scared and that’s okay, but we should not let it win over our determination to achieve everything.

This movie is just tragically beautiful. Carson and Dio may not have ended together, but sure there friendship bosom to be stronger.

Some may disagree on how the movie has ended, but I actually agree on how things have turned out to be in the end. It’s funny that I am more into happy endings and happy-ever-after endings, but I have enjoyed it, really. I love it so much. They are just there in their favorite place, drinking their favorite beer and butterball, Carson breaking the silence with “Graduate na ako,” their simple and genuine laugh, everything was just so perfect.

I’m Drunk, I Love You has been a great reminder for us that we can be foolish, reckless, drunk, carefree, and believe in that YOLO principle, but above this, everything has its own limits.

And at the point when love isn’t reciprocated, when you’ve laid everything on hold, you exposed yourself the way Carson did and you got a similar reaction from Dio, would you forget everything and move on? Is love more important than friendship? Or is friendship more important than love? Will you keep hoping that he will love you back the way you love him? Or will you just let it go?

As what I’ve said, this movie is just everything.
And like the quote that was written in Jason Ty’s wall in his room, “Umibig parati at muli.”

Yes, #toalwayslove.

5/5 stars.



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